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More than 2 million children refugees have left their homes to look for safety and protection. They need your urgent help now!

Children in Ukraine are facing a deadly crisis. The escalating conflict in the country poses an immediate threat to the lives and wellbeing of the country’s 7.5 million children. 


More than 4.5 million people have been forced to flee Ukraine and their number continues to raise every day. Over 2 million children have crossed the borders in search of safety. Every single one of them needs protection, education, safety and support. Unaccompanied and separated children coming from Ukraine are especially vulnerable because of the heightened risk of trafficking and exploitation. 


Since the beginning of the conflict, UNICEF is working to provide life-saving programmes for children

This includes trucking safe water to conflict-affected areas and prepositioning health, hygiene and emergency education supplies as close as possible to communities near the line of contact. UNICEF is supporting mobile child protection teams providing psychosocial care to children traumatized by chronic insecurity, responding to cases of violence and abuse against children and assisting children separated from family.

How UNICEF helps children and families refugees arriving in Bulgaria?


To seek to reduce the risks children and families face and provide support, UNICEF and UNHCR, together with partners, are scaling up "Blue Dots" centers to support refugee children and families in hosting countries, including Bulgaria.


The "Blue Dots" are one-stop safe spaces that can provide information, psycho-social support, legal aid and other services to travelling families, help identify unaccompanied and separated children and ensure their protection from exploitation and serve as a hub for access to essential services and support to vulnerable children and families.  


In Bulgaria, up to 5 "Blue Dots" will be established. The first three will be operating soon in Sofia, Ruse and Durankulak. Psychologist, social workers and legal counsellors will work on the ground supporting the Ukrainian refugees in several main directions:


  • Psycho-social support;

  • Information, advice and assistance for additional support and access to services (medical care, education, social benefits, accommodation, etc.);

  • Legal aid and counseling;

  • Identification and referral of children at risk;

  • Child- and family-friendly spaces.


© UNICEF/UNI330524/Filippov


Every second a child from Ukraine becomes a refugee. Donate to support the "Blue Dots" for children and families refugees in Bulgaria.


How to make a donation?

Donate online with debit card here.

Make a donation to the bank account of UNICEF Bulgaria with IBAN: BG34RZBB91551065034919, with reference “UKRAINE”

Send SMS with text UKRAINE to 1021 and make a one-off donation of 5 lv..



On 28.02.2022 UNICEF Bulgaria launched emergency fundraising campaign for urgent humanitarian aid for children and families in Ukraine. With the help of our donors and partners we managed to raise over 460,000 BGN to support the affected children and families. Since the beginning of the escalation of the conflict, UNICEF has delivered over 1,300 tones life-saving medical equipment, clean water, sanitary and hygiene kits, clothes, blankets, educational kits and other first-aid materials. 

*By sending SMS with text "UKRAINA"/"УКРАЙНА" to number 1021, the donor makes one-off donation of 5 BGN for the humanitarian work of UNICEF in response to the conflict in Ukraine. For customers on contract of all mobile operators in Bulgaria VAT and taxes are not added to the value of the donation SMS. VAT is added to the value of the donation SMS only for users of prepaid mobile services. Therefore the price of the donation SMS for the users of prepaid services (including VAT) is 6,00 BGN. 

Every SMS sent to 1021 with text different than "UKRAINA"/"УКРАЙНА" will be charged as one-off donation for 5 BGN in support of UNICEF programme for children in Bulgaria or like a pledge donation according to the General Terms and Conditions for donations to UNICEF. 

If Ukraine no longer needs humanitarian help, the funds raised will be redirected without prior notice to other local or international UNICEF initiatives for vulnerable and marginalized children.


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