Other options for donation

Bank transfer

You could support UNICEF Bulgaria with monthly donations via direct debit or standing order.

Raiffesien Bank Bulgaria, IBAN: BG34RZBB91551065034919 | BIC: RZBBBGSF

Piraeus Bank Bulgaria, IBAN: BG73PIRB74021604291401 | BIC: PIRBBGSF


You could make one-off gift of 2 BGN by sending SMS to short number 1021.

Send SMS wiith text 2x5 to 1021 and start giving 10 BGN monthly to UNICEF.

The service is accessible for the customers of all mobile operators in Bulgaria. The donation is free of VAT and taxes for the customers of all mobile operators in Bulgaria. You could cancel your monthly donations by sending SMS with symbol S to 1021.


You could make a cash donation to UNICEF Bulgaria free of charge in the offices of EasyPay. This payment option is available only at EasyPay cashier desks in Bulgaria.

View a full list and addresses of EasyPay offices HERE.

Payroll donations

You can support UNICEF in the long run by enrolling in a 4-step payroll donation:
1. Download and fill in Consent for monthly donations through salary.
2. Provide a printed and signed agreement by your employer. Inform him that you wish to donate a monthly sum’ deducted from your salary to a UNICEF donation account.
3. Scan and send the signed agreement by e-mail: ppetkova@unicef.org or by post to: Petya Petkova, Individual Giving Officer, Sofia, 87, Dondukov Blvd., 2nd floor.
4. Starting from the next calendar month after enrollment, your employer will transfer the chosen donation amount from your monthly salary to UNICEF.

Affinity Card

Give regularly with a special Cahrity Card by Piraeus Bank. With every transaction with your Charity card you donate 0,10 BGN to UNICEF. Piraeus Bank makes additional donation of 0,20 BGN.

Find out more on www.daritelskakarta.info


B-pay service enables you to donate to UNICEF by credit or debit card. 

•  Choose from the ATM's main menu: other services > B-Pay. 
•  When the screen shows, the client enters the entity's B-Pay code. Enter the following code for UNICEF: 15005 
•  Enter the amount of money you would like to donate. 
•  Enter UNICEF's BULSTAT number: 131564758 
•  Confirm payment by entering the PIN code of your card.