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STOP violence against children

Every child has the right to protection from all forms of violence

Zona ZaKrila - Child Advocacy and Support Centre

The Child Advocacy and Support Centers provide services to child victims of violence and their parents in three Bulgarian administrative regions: Montana, Sofia and Shumen.
The mission of the three centers Zona ZaKrila is to provide appropriate health, psychological, legal and social support to child victims of violence and their families. UNICEF ensures safety, impartiality and approaches and practices in which every intervention is centered on the best interests of the child.

Results for the children

  • For the period of January to December 2018 the Zona ZaKrila centers have supported a total of 245 children and 205 parents.
  • 110 children received legal support, 40 of them were heard in a child-friendly environment Blue Room.
  • The Zona ZaKrila teams worked with 32 parents who were provided with the necessary knowledge, tools, guidance, and above all things support.
  • 121 parents received legal support to protect themselves and their children.


Our goal is to develop and implement а holistic approach for prevention and support in cases of violence against children and their parents. With our partners and donors’ support, we will provide services to children victims of violence and their parents, ensuring them safety and impartiality. UNICEF Bulgaria works for the prevention of violence and protecting the victims or witnesses of violence and their families.

With your help we will work to:

  Build a service with an integrated approach that brings together a social, justice, health and education system;
  Provide child-friendly hearing of children involved in pre-trial and trial proceedings in a Blue Room by trained professionals;
  Provide effective support and access to justice for children, victims or witnesses of violence;
  Train and supervise the Zona ZaKrila teams on how to work with families and children victims of violence;
  Prevent violence through workshops in schools, kindergartens and help children develop social skills.