Every time you help a child, you donate hope.

Every time you help a child, you donate hope.

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Development difficulties in early childhood can be overcome when they are identified on time.



Early childhood provides unique opportunities for learning and development for every child. In this period, children with disabilities and difficulties need appropriate support to achieve their best potential. The earlier the developmental difficulties in early childhood are identified and addressed, the greater the chance she or he has to overcome them.


To support families and professionals in this field, UNICEF Bulgaria will work together with the government to build a national Early Childhood Intervention system. Through it, all families with children up to 2 years old will have timely professional support.


Thanks to your donations, by the end of 2024, will be supported 1,500 families in the country and trained 150 professionals.




What is Early Childhood Intervention?


UNICEF is developing Early Childhood Intervention programs in 5 pilot municipalities - Nova Zagora, Sliven, Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Chirpan. These are free of charge services for families of children from 0 to 5 years of age with developmental difficulties or disabilities - counselling, informing and training parents to apply new approaches to stimulate the development of their children, as well as additional work with specialists, if necessary.


In an Early Childhood Intervention program, the family will receive support from trained professionals in the comfort of their home - in the child's home environment, as well as in the kindergarten and nursery. Early Childhood Intervention specialists work directly with parents who know their children best and are with them 24 hours a day. They visit the family regularly, provide information and help parents understand their child's behaviour and needs. An individual plan is prepared and tailored to the family's everyday lifestyle and needs.

UNICEF is working to introduce systematic tracking of socio-emotional and cognitive development for every child. We provide guidelines for doctors and other health professionals to implement in the first two years after birth. In this way, if developmental difficulties are identified, the child will be able to be included in Early Childhood Intervention services as soon as possible.


The services work with health professionals, teachers and other specialists, supporting the child's transition from family to nursery and kindergarten. In Sliven and Nova Zagora, the services for Early Childhood Intervention are working together with patronage nurses from the Center for Maternal and Child Health, also supported by UNICEF.


A better future is born in Early Childhood.





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