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There is no break for violence at school

Every year, 1 out of every 3 students in Bulgaria gets bullied or suffers violence at school. Help us stop violence at school!

We all remember breaks between classes at school, don’t we? We also remember how everyone couldn’t wait for the end of a long class. Well, almost everyone. Many children know this as the most dreadful part of their day because it is exactly then, during their time to relax and play, when they fall victims to bullying and violence. These are the longest 10 minutes in their lives, in which they get insulted, ignored, bullied, humiliated.

Facts on school violence

  • Once every 5 minutes a child dies somewhere in the world as a result of violence. Millions of kids live scarred by physical, sexual and psychological assault.
  • In Bulgaria, there are over 8,000 registered cases of school violence for 2016 and 2017 combined.
  • Every day nearly 30 children in Bulgaria suffer physical and verbal aggression at school. Dozens of other cases don’t even get into the statistics.
  • 1 out of every 3 students admits they have been bullied or suffered violence at school in the course of a year.


Our goal is to develop and implement an extensive programme for the prevention of school violence and bullying.  With our partners and donors’ support, we will involve school administration, students, teachers, support staff and parents in our common mission – to build a safe school environment for EVERY CHILD in Bulgaria.

It will be a joint programme with the Ministry of Education and Science and will include schools from different regions, with its long-term goal being to reach every part of the country.

With your help, we will work to:

  Build a secure school environment tailored to the unique needs and challenges of every school in the programme.
  Raise more awareness among children, parents, school administration, teachers and support staff about the different forms that bullying and violence can take and the effective ways to react to or prevent them.
  Make children aware of their rights and of the ways to report and seek help whenever they become victims or witnesses of bullying and violence.
  Improve teacher and experts’ skills to prevent and deal with bullying and violence at school.
  Implement new ways to get parents involved into school life and inspire efficient participation among children and adolescents.

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